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Coinbase & XRP – Will it happen? When will it happen?

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Coinbase & XRP – Will it happen? When will it happen?

Coinbase & XRP – Will it happen? When will it happen?

I received a text message the other day an insider provided me that XRP will be entering Coinbase exchange. Why would Coinbase take a coin that is worth less than $1 and place it in their system?


3 out of the top 5 cryptocurrencies already accepted. What is next for Coinbase? Take on Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. The volume of trading are so high between these top 5 that they will have their hands full.

Coinbase is not adding anymore coins?
The interview also included two ‘burning questions’ for the exchange regarding how the future will unfold. The first was whether the site would begin supporting other cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin Cash. Hirji was not forthcoming with specifics, but did indicate that companies have been given roadmaps for how to apply to join the exchange. He said:

“So we have published a digital asset framework which outlines the criteria we look at for any particular asset before we list it…You need to pass those exams before we would ever list the asset…suffice to say that we have a framework out there and we have a lot of people campaigning for new assets.”

Get ready for 2018 – end of January, XRP will be added to Coinbase.


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