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The Truth Behind Ripple News & Announcement on 8/24/17

The Truth Behind Ripple News & Announcement on 8/24/17

Ripplers and/or XRPers were devastated by the announcement from Ripple yesterday. Ripple started a countdown on Twitter creating a huge amp up to 8/24/17. Rumors started flying that Korean Bank was on board, SBI was going live and SWIFT is merging into Ripple. All seems to be far fetched at this stage for Ripple.

Now take a look at this from the bigger picture. Yes it is a conference being announced. A conference that will have the World Wide Web Founder and Chairman Federal Reserve. If Ripple can bring these type of people together, the acquisitions and partnerships are endless.

Ripple will continue to grow into something. Let’s not panic. Go Ripple.

The tweets are below:

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